Sandra Barbeyto Portfolio

This is the first of the “Queen” series.
Each Queen will denounce a way
in which we are polluting the planet.

Earth is beautiful. Humans do beautiful things but sometimes we forget the consequences of our acts, and we leave our planet to the abandon. My Queens will try to make you think about daily things that can be reused, recycled or just re-adjusted in the way we are using them.

The dress of this one was made out of supermarket plastic bag. Producing plastic is fast, easy and cheap. Every minute, 2 million single-use plastic bags are used around the world (earth policy institute). That means that this dress took around 0,0024 seconds to be produced and I paid nothing for it.

But what is the real cost of it? Do you know how long it takes to degrade every single plastic we use? We will not be alive to see this process arriving to an end. It’s a high debt we are imposing to our future children. Something to thing about.
Model: Kanako Oshima.

Medium format Hasselblad 501 - Film