Sandra Barbeyto Portfolio

This is the second of the “Queen” series.
Each Queen will denounce a way
in which we are polluting the planet.

"Solution to pollution is dilution”. US EPA, funded by Richard Nixon in 1970.
The planet is able to filter and heal itself from limited amounts of pollution. Numerous studies of groundwater and surface water systems have documented this. Elizabeth Ward, chemical engineer.
But how limited are this amounts of pollution?

"Almost every marine organism, from the tiniest plankton to whales and polar bears, is contaminated with man-made chemicals, such as pesticides and common consumer products” WWF

Inorganic pesticides include heavy metals such as arsenic, copper sulphates, plomb, mercury, nitrates, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, and cadmium.

"Some of these (metals) enter the sea through deliberate dumping […] but also from land-based activities […] during their manufacture, use, or disposal. Once in the environment, they can travel for long distances in air and water, including ocean currents. Some have even entered the food chain. People become contaminated either directly from household products or by eating contaminated seafood and animal fats.
Evidence is mounting that a number of man-made chemicals can cause serious health problems- including cancer, damage to the immune system, behavioural problems, and reduced fertility
.” WWF

What we do on earth, has a huge impact on marine life. What are your cleaning products made for? How many insecticides and pesticides are in the salad you are about to eat? How many of them will be washed up and end up into the next fish you’ll eat? How many of them your body will be able to process before it breaks down?

Something to think about…
Model: Kanako Oshima.
Dress and accessories made out of tins, cans, beer capsules, pine leaves and hemp rope.

Medium format Hasselblad 501 - Film.